Creating joy in everyday life, inspiring celebration, and hoping to make the world a much brighter, cuter place!

Life is a beautiful thing, but it can sometimes be hard and more than we can handle. You are beautiful and awesome, but sometimes you don’t see it and you wish you were someone else.

And I totally get it. I’ve been there… I know how you feel.

Personally, I’ve had a good share of “not so great” things happen to me in life. I know first hand that life can sometimes be painful, less than perfect, and flat out not so fun, and I know that sometimes happiness has to be a choice we make – not a feeling.

Let’s not forgot though, that life can also be really great and fun! So let’s stop waiting around for the “good days”, and start making them happen!

You are an amazing, beautiful, awesome person, and we believe you should celebrate being you! And we’re here for you. We’re here so that you can have super cute parties and fun everyday products that make you smile… while totally fitting your style!

Our brand was designed with the desire to bring you ways to celebrate your life and to brighten your day, and my goal is to inspire you to celebrate being you and to learn to look for happiness and joy even in everyday life – no matter what!

Here’s to celebrating your everyday!
xo Kristy



I met Joel in our college days, when we were both working at the same local sporting goods store. He and I have been married since August 2007, and we adopted our sweet, tiny baby Ozzy in 2010. We currently reside in the “Metro-Detroit” area (which is the northern suburbs, about a half hour north of Detroit).


Make Life Cute is a lifestyle brand that offers a seriously, awesome line of designer party and event designs, as well as stationery, gifts, and lifestyle accessories to make your special occasions + everyday life memorable, unique, and most importantly CUTE! Our passion is helping people find the joy in life – everyday! By creating cute, fun designs and products, we hoped to make the world a much brighter, cuter place!

Founded in 2008, Make Life Cute is owned and operated by Kristy and Joel Stephenson.