Our iPad Cases are fully + totally compatible with Smart Covers!


Whaaa? For real!? You may be asking yourself.. 😉

Why, yes, my dear – it’s truuue, you heard correctly! Our deeply, fabulous, personalized iPad Cases pair effortlessly with Apple’s Smart Covers! I, personally, was very excited about that feature, & happen to think it’s pretty flippin’ sweet! I love the simplicity of the Smart Covers, so when we found a way to make our cases compatible with them, I was all in!

Superior screen protection + super cute, ultra-slim case = iPad heaven!





Our cases are a totally must if your looking for the cutest, raddest way to dress up your iPad & show off your personal style! Check ’em out!

Want something totally custom for your case? Don’t be afraid to ask – however, please note that additional design charges may apply!

PS – Our Cases fit iPad (retina) , 3rd Generation, & 2. Smart Covers are not included & are sold separately by Apple.


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